« Patience is the greatest prayer »


“United to the ocean, the drop of water remains. »
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The Workshop

In the heart of our workshop, a new craft skill was born: the marquetry of threads and rope.

Wall panels, folding screens, headboards, drawer fronts…, we imagine numerous creations intended for high decoration. Inspired by the  work of lace and macramé, we enrich the traditional work of knitting by applying it to rope, borrowing from marquetry and trimmings for unique decorations resulting from a skilful blending.

A 100% French artisanal know-how

create beauty and play with overly established codes.

I like simplicity, and to bring to this work an element of lightness and improvisation. Given the heart, the rigour and the investment we put into each project, we don’t need to construct pretentious speeches or concepts to our clients and partners.